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    Beauty For Your Booty

    Get Clear Skin Fast

    Peachy Smooth Skin

    Active Skincare For Your Butt

    Active Skincare For Your Butt

    We are an active skincare, body product.   Not just a body wash or mask? No darling, we treat your skin. That’s the difference.  And what a difference this will make to your body’s texture, appearance & general wellbeing.  These purpose driven products are designed to fix your problem.  One that you didn’t know you could fix.  Designed from the beginning to revolve around your bottom, BUTT’NE is focused.  A skincare range ahead of the game.  With our smooth features & soft textures that will work beautifully with your skin, the perfect canvas matched with the right tools.Dreamt up by us, just for you.

    Booty Care

    Booty Care

    We are active skincare BODY products formulated for your butt and thighs.
    We will keep your skin feeling and looking smooth and bump free!

    Looking for a smooth and fabulous bum? With butt'ne you will notice a difference and a big differeance in the texture and appearance and skin's health. Our skin care range is formulated with actice ingredients that are purpose driven and designed to fix that annoying and unsightly problem that you didn’t know you could fix so easily and quickly.

    Literally from the bottom up
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    How To Use Butt'ne

    How To Use Butt'ne

    1. Treatment Cleanser - do this twice! The first cleanse removes the dirt, sweat & any build up.  The second cleanse penetrates the skin to remove bacteria. 

    2. Be-Gone Elixir - fast acting elixir that reduces redness, swelling & irritation!

    3. Complexion Corrector - hydrates your booty & encourages quicker healing.

    And on the 7th day, your butt was clear

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