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BUTT'NE treats, corrects & improves your skin. That’s the difference. And what a difference this will make to your body’s texture, appearance & health. This is a purpose driven product that is designed to fix your problem that you didn’t know you could fix!

And the sizes of these bottles are above average (like you, beb) - they're here for the long term!

Treatment Cleanser 125ml
Be-Gone Elixir 60ml
Complexion Corrector 200ml

Our treatment cleanser energises dull looking skin, improves the skin's radiance & luminosity, induces skin brightening, reduces the appearance of skin redness, improves overall skin tone all while reducing breakouts!

The be-gone elixir is a powerful blend of Azelaic + Salicylic Acid PLUS plant + floral derived ingredients to soothe and brighten your skin and preventing folliculitis.

Finish with complexion corrector specifically formulated with a velvety texture to limit bacteria and hydrate your skin.

Literally from the bottom up, we are an active skincare, BODY product.